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tv   Headline News  RT  February 8, 2013 11:00am-11:28am EST

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a day of mourning and protests in tunisia the funeral of a slain opposition leader is marred by violence with protesters clashing with the police this comes against the backdrop of a general strike that has paralyzed the country. e.u. leaders agree on a budget deal after hours of bickering and a showdown between the u.k. and france. and president obama's nominee to head the cia faces catcalls from the anti grown protesters but seemingly gets an easy ride from lawmakers over his controversial targeted assassinations of program.
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world news analysis live from our moscow headquarters are watching our team with me lucy catherine of. well in tunisia clashes between mourners and the police have more of the funeral of a secular opposition leader who was assassination has led to chaos on the streets and a crisis in the parliament now violence erupted near the cemetery as demonstrators threw stones and set cars a blaze while police have responded with tear gas according to the turmoil the country has been adding to the turmoil the country has been paralyzed by a general strike or to his very own area for notion is following the developments in tunisia for us as you can see many people have gathered here today for the funeral so chokri belaid one of the most prominent opposition leaders who was killed on wednesday and seen standing situation here on the ground comings very tense and very valid tile and that is definitely struck me in that relative stability that we've seen here although in two thousand and eleven revolution we see more of people here it's quite
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a small square but it's packed with people with. all of them actually chanting from time to time and to government slogans many people we have been able to speak to here to come here they say that the leader of the party. mr going to shit is personally responsible for this murder well these are very strong accusations actually but we've been hearing that from too many people since he was a symbol of dignity this is a political assassination and that means that the repression and violence is not over this is a crisis. this is a crisis people who want change again slogans of revolution of democracy protection working class and poor people that didn't work we can't see it. what happened is this is a sign. of what could happen if they go to the if we don't find very quickly some
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concrete. solutions that we see here today and. we've seen here in the last two days in the country actually it's a day job to mirror situation with what we've seen here that would be so here two years ago in the last two days following the assassination of chuck privilege there have been many protests not only in the capital tunis but throughout the country and there have been many collections between police and opposition forces and we've heard that at least one police officer was killed but definitely there have been much more injured people this is a very bad situation here in the country but here's a growing that it may turn even more violent and it will go even further if there is no solution immediate solution this is why people are saying that they're preparing for the worst. row for some analysis on the situation in tunisia right
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now we're joined by political sociologist saeed sadak live from cairo thank you sir for taking the time to speak with us now i can't help but know the parallels really between the events in egypt where you are right now and tunisia in both of these sort of the proverbial cradles of the arab spring now once the democratically elected regimes changed again why what went wrong after these revolutions. then you took over. first of all of. this and there's a lot of chaos in managing the two countries secondly the art is to meet the opposition to the islamists the sort that the islamists the you know the islamists or the. entities would be. and the people who would buy. guns and when. the wind discovered that this would just look as good and those islamists have. the solutions for the conic problems and
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votes and this is so people think that the are being misled who shouldn't be there like what happened in iraq and so what a lot of suspicion and here is. all those kids and i just came from. and it will be in my can you are happy with the collision people and the l.k. depiction of. you know the two need of the egyptian mob but look at her and the what they did was repeating and these things is again a little bit in this we say that the of three years and they are even. again it's here because they think that obama administration is supporting both that mrs jeans and them and this one as well and you see it even in a new law and that is what all became about but don't care about are you i'd wear
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a leash and the court that would happen to look to who should plan to continue to hold those going to leaving their employer can only go ashes into fear of becoming appreciate. more things but i meant that the and because. in tunisia the decision on strong. live from will be egyptian calling on the egyptian government to take action against religious you lose your school lose. giving this. a pulitzer because this is what we saw in tunisia and we see that it can also split egypt and saudi. security forces. and even. extremists and do. a little bit to advance political objectives. and then actually interrupt the literally and i think we have a we have just about one minute left and i sort of want you to if we look at the
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authorities response to the crisis right i mean for example unlike what's happening in tunisia president morsi what happened with president morsi the tunisian prime minister seemed to be willing to have a unity government if a party doesn't go against them how do you assess his actions in a situation. that was there it was the mood but the problem is that the party. people also did not buy it they think that it's just to cool down and aftermath of the mission because this is not the opposition have been calling for all along but you never think that and now when that's a solution to please. try to close this idea if you can restrict that bank maybe look at the local people but the. most popular. but not all people the government did have to go to the. are right well thank you
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so much for that slaves but that political sociologist at the american university in cairo apologize for those technical problems there are days where finish with account of events we heard about earlier is also posting latest. and one of her most recent post she says that there's a growing fear of more violence as the huge crowds who had gathered for the funeral could now be headed towards the center of the capital we can find out more if you follow her maria the notion underscore.
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leaders have agreed on a budget deal the news was broken by the president of the european council on his twitter feed no media details of the agreement have emerged with one hundred forty characters at a time but it does come after tough negotiations in brussels there is of course much of a growing over how to reduce spending i mean division there was between the u.k. and france which had been leading rival camps for those four and those against the budget cuts and we'll be joined by our brussels correspondent later this hour with all the details of the deal. well president obama's choice to head the cia has faced a tough confirmation hearing at the u.s. senate although it wasn't the lawmakers would put john brennan under the spotlight for things like his role in a controversial drone program now. so the question was actually interrupted several times by protesters holding out banners like stop cia murder they refer to the use of drones for by america for target strikes against suspects and terrorists human
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rights groups claim the program was created by brennan led to a wide number of civilian deaths at one point the hearing chairman ordered the room cleared and what happened afterwards was far from the expected grilling as guy just can't reports. what most people expected to hear woods how does the u.s. government make decisions as to who should be on their kill list and mr brennan would certainly be the most appropriate person to ask because he is known to have been in charge of the kill list and he's known as the architect of the administration's targeted assassinations. so the question of who the drones are targeting was critical and one of the senators asked john brennan whether there should be at least some judicial oversight over those executions by drones and here's what he said none of those actions or to determine past guilt for those actions that he took the decisions that are made or to take action so that we prevent future action to protect american lives so the rationale that john brennan gave for not going to court is that the administration is not in the business of
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punishing individuals but it's in the business of preventing attacks he basically says the u.s. government could execute people for what they haven't done yet you would expect a follow up questions from lawmakers as to how the administration determines the level of threat as these people constitute let's imagine an angry yemeni man who writes in his blog bag he hates america if he concedes wife died in a drone strike and he wants to take revenge is that enough to justify him being killed by a drone there are so many questions about how the administration decides to put someone on their kill list and yet there was not near enough grilling on the part of the senators to get specific answers prior to the hearing a memo was released which the justice department handed over to congress and according to the memo the government can kill people overseas even without evidence that they are actively plotting against the u.s. the paper states that the u.s. would be able to kill a u.s. citizen or non-citizen overseas when quote unquote an informed high level official
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of the u.s. government determines that target is an imminent threat to them here for also suggest that such decisions would not be subject to judicial review and outlines a broad definition of what constitutes imminent threat everybody expected tough questions on drones but that did not happen john brennan got away with very broad answers like the program is saving lives and that you should take the administration's word for it. drone warfare has consequences in the morality of it all are up for debate in cross talk coming up later this hour we hear how drone strikes may be breeding the very terror that authorities are seeking to eliminate. it's quite horrific in africa but it's getting worse i mean this is drawn be a snow in close to mali so that you've got the west of africa now as well so it's trucking up so that we're going to draw on b.s.
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is all over africa and i'm not sure what to suppose really why are we doing this well i mean it's. the most effective recruitment tool for insurgents in the world david what do you think about that drones are an improvement on torture drones are an appointment to ground war these are the arguments were being given and yet we didn't have a ground war and you haven't we might need one eventually if with the damage the drone strikes are doing but this is we're being told that this type of murder is better then all of their human rights abuses. now back to brussels where leaders have finally managed to put together a budget live now to our t's. are there any actual details about this agreement i know we've first heard about it through twitter communal sort of expand on what you've been hearing on the ground. well after more than twenty four hours and huge amount of coffee consumed here at the summit finally the leaders have come
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to with deal it has been grueling everybody has been waiting there's been a lot of bickering among it just changes depending on who or what kind of topic is on the table there are definitely at least two countries buying to keep their own national interests at the forefront well what we do know now is yes they have a deal and for sure there are countries that would claim victory on this that we've also heard that there are still some countries that are not quite happy with it yet the details are yet to come of course but remember before coming into this summit what really was highlighted is the divisions the bickering between several nations there has been a north south divide mainly countries northern countries led loudly by the u.k. who wanted stringent more budget cuts. and the other side the eastern countries who basically wanted to keep spending there was clearly divided among them and what this summit has shown it has actually highlighted the cracks within the union i mean it's natural it's been pointed out by officials and journalists themselves
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that it is natural that the leaders come here with their national interests in mind however that this lack of ability to come to a compromise that it easier kind of way it does show what is simmering underneath this union that there's a lot more that needs to be dealt with if they are to move forward now with the actual deal itself cameron for instance will have to go back to his electorate. put in the. referendum whether or not they should be members of he will now go back to his electorate and say ok we've this deal however you may have to explain why the u.k.'s contribution might actually go up and this is because it's not actually a funding to eastern european countries and. the other other loud voice of the other side of the spectrum will have to go back to unemployment has actually gone up despite him having run a very pro economic growth campaign so this is not the end for these leaders and as far as the actual budget is concerned while they may have agreed here there's
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another step the european parliament and the president of the parliament has been very firm quite angry in fact. decision making because of the twenty seven leaders and he says if he sees that excessive costs he's not going to put his signature on that deal so this is just the beginning of still more hurdles to come for the twenty seven leaders all right well certainly a long slog ahead. us up to date live from brussels thank you for that. all right well a draft bill in the u.k. aims to clear the way for private online messages to be monitored by the government of. course there are concerns that before pose measures are taking national security a step too far. georgia's parliament edges the president further from power even preventing him from making his annual address all the details coming right up.
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to the. technology innovation. developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard luck and was a big. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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welcome back you're watching our t.v. well in the u.k. a document described by some as a snooper charter will be given another push by the government after the intelligence and security committee said the proposal lacked details the bill is designed to help authorities track online activity of citizens and retrieve personal web data or to use our furthur looks now at how such measures could power up national security. the main area of concern surrounds this the draft communications data bill and proposals in it that critics say see the public left wide open to having their facebook accounts or twitter e-mails read anything that they visit online the websites that they gayety logs by the government now
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understandably those plans have proven hugely controversial with critics labeling it the snoop is charter now perhaps more concerning is the latest report by the intelligence and security committee may like to see a nationwide surveillance regime implemented now the government say that they need to do this to catch criminals and stop terrorism but there's lots of the members of the public saying where are safeguards when it comes to what we do online will seek more about this i'm now joined by professor and sneakily to the director studies security and intelligence studies at the university of akron thank you very much for joining us you're in support of the draft communications data below i heard you describe yourself at a recent talk of the skunk at the picnic if these pieces and these proposals are so unpopular why are the government pushing them through all the time when the government is pushing them through because the government realizes that they're
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needed some thirty million people use the internet to communicate with each other each day in the united kingdom people in this country fully accept that more than one hundred years. their telephone conversations are likely to be mine if they're seen as a national security risk if there is a suspicion that a particular person is engaging serious organized crime sex trafficking or terrorism the government can then institute through as a member of the public what if i do my emails for a well if you don't want your e-mails. more engaged in any kind of illegal activity your e-mails would be proof if you want if you want complete driver's seat don't write any letters to your friends speak to the moment don't send them photographs of yourself in joking and you can very much
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for joining us if that is the house that is the solution maybe is the time for a big load off in case someone is actually watching. london well of course you can join the online discussion about the united kingdom's controversial communications bill on our website if you head over to our t.v. dot com you can cast your ballot on what you think the surveillance of people's internet activities will actually lead to now for you we have actually broken down the results of those of you who decided to already cast their ballots most of you as you can see in the chart behind us think that scramblers an encryption will become an ordinary thing now about a third of people of those of you who voted believe that people will reject the practice and fight for their rights eighteen percent of you as you can see believe there will be a mass exodus from social networks and there's also a small portion of you right over there who think that nothing is going to change.
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georgia's president has changed the venue of his annual state of the nation address for a third time now for the parliament have refused to provide a platform for or even listen to really and i mean a sign of his possibly waning power and he chose another place for this speech about a protest a former political prisoners prevented him from delivering it there instead activists from his former ruling party that lost in recent parliamentary elections have clashed with protesters has now settled on the presidential palace for the light location of the address held in the west as an exemplary democratic ruler saakashvili has lost popular support as a result of his crackdown on the opposition as well as claims of human rights abuses such as i say are chefs gave reports georgia has performed miracles we moved
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from being a failed state will be one of the top business destinations in the world while it would be high could be academic freedom according to the world bank i'll be number one fighter with corruption worldwide demand people started to believe in the stations people started to believe them ocracy it was because it is giorgio really a beacon of democracy and freedom north from your viewpoint when he's universities rectory refused to build a prayer room he helped organize a ten thousand strong peaceful student rally but it ended with his arrest and sentence of four and a half years behind bars no. guards could just walk into our cell and start beating us for no reason the even put twenty year old students in wheelchairs and prison one of the inmates went insane because they showed footage of how was wife was being raped. georgie thought she'd be spending his time with murder isn't drug barons and stay. and he found himself among academics architects and righteous all
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jailed for having a different opinion to the country's leadership. works as an advisor to the minister of the penitentiary system and he used to be classmates with saakashvili she believes the astonishing number of prisoners in georgia during his reign was to a large extent personally driven. he had often been joked out in school he directed his revenge against his former classmates when he became president most of them were either stripped of their businesses are put to prison in his presidency we've had twenty five thousand people in jail. shocking video of prisoner abuse in georgia in jails went viral and effectively diminished the president's party support by more than a half inch last fall election and control over the country it's not yet known where the second street will face prosecution of the prison torture allegations but for two hundred political prisoners the change of power meant the chance to walk free because saakashvili will formally remain as georgia's president until october
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but he's already been transferred to the prime minister has already declared a national wide amnesty of political prisoners but experts say there is socialization may take several more years. reporting from belief in georgia. let's get to some other international headlines for you in brief right. a suicide bomber has blown himself up near a security checkpoint in the city of northern mali no casualties have been reported except for the bomber himself it's the first case of such a suicide attack since the french troops have entered the country the north of which was usurped by islamist extremists france now wants u.n. peacekeepers to take over security there and prepares to end its mission. for car bombs in iraq have killed at least thirty six people marketplaces were attacks in the capital as well as the nearby town of hell up in the hill province two simultaneous blasts hit the baghdad market killing seventeen people fourteen
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more died after cars exploded in hillah an hour later targeting busy city areas on friday has become a widespread terror tactic with insurgents in iraq. over one hundred thousand people are out on the streets of the bangladesh capital for an anti-government rally protestors are venting their anger after an islamist leader convicted of war crimes was spared execution he was charged with crimes against his own people during the country's independence conflict with pakistan in one nine hundred seventy one. was sentenced to life in prison by a military court although many had expected him to receive the death penalty. we'll have more international stories for you in about thirty minutes time and after a short break it's cross talk peter lavelle stay with us.
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saudi arabia has ordered its retailers to construct one point six meter tall bearded. in the middle of their stores a rather unusual demand is that something related to everyone's favorite buzzword terrorism no it is to keep male and female coworkers separate saudi arabia is pretty infamous in the west for its laws regarding the sexes and their segregation activists always want to go to other countries to convince them to adopt western attitudes that deep down in their hearts they secretly want but often they miss things like the fact that it was saudi women who ask for the segregation feeling uncomfortable while buying products from men according to a.f.p. you know some people in countries like saudi arabia or north korea might actually like living a radically different lifestyle and even if they don't like living that way well it is their job to fix.


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